Arab Art Gallery:

Arab Art Gallery is the online gallery subordinated to Art World galleries group, which was established in 1993 in Amman-Jordan, and consisting of  four forks. (see our fork maps)

From the very begining, the companie`s founders realized that in order to be successful, the galleries had to have an interest in high level paintings, and offer them at affordable prices.

We have the best selection in Jordan of original oil paintings representing the top Arabic artists from many Arab countries.We also represent the top artists who creat Arabic and Islamic motif style, such as Arabic calligraphy, Islamic ornamented paintings, ancient Arabic life style,buildings, mosques and ather scenes.
Today,  ArtWorld galleries has become one of the best middle eastern galleries offering art that  attract the interest of visitors from all over the world.
Tel. ++962 6 5734343/ ++962 796138063
Fax: ++962 6 5854164

P.O Box: 8574 Amman 11121 Jordan.


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