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 Abstract Art: by Abstract
Artist Christeas. Description: Abstract Art Paintings, Abstract Wall
Sculptures and Prints.
Latham Studios Wildlife Artists - Realistic Wildlife Art, Nature Paintings, & Fine Art Miniature Paintings 

Landscape Fine Art - Niagara Art Collection
The equine art of Suzana Stojanovic Suza an artist. Original
oil on canvas and pastel paintings. Realism, photorealism, hyperrealism.

Figurative paintings by Alex Bazarin

Australian artists and writers

Islamic Architecture (IAORG)
The Media Oasis .....
    the gallery of folk art, antiques, and outsider art. Unusual, unique, and one of a kind items from folky to funky to fine.


A forum for the purpose of sharing experiences, educational resources and information about the Arab-Americans, Arabs and the Arab World. We encourage discussion of issues concerning current curriculum, Arab-American students, educators, administrators and school systems.
Offers log furniture including beds, dining room furniture, tables, bunk beds, nightstands, and sofas




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   Swiss Art

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