How can I place my order?

It is very easy to order through our secure server. If you are not comfortable with this method we will be glad to assist you by an alternate means.


Are the paintings hand-painted?

Yes, the paintings displayed on our site are hand-painted. But please note that some of our arts are only available as limited edition art prints on canvas.

Are your paintings/prints framed?

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all of our arts are sold unframed. We have found that shipping paintings unframed is much safer (it virtually eliminates the risk of damage during transport), and that framing is very much a matter of personal preference - best done by the customer him/herself.


What method of payment do you accept?

Please refer to the order section of the website.


Do you have a printed catalog?

We do not currently have a printed catalog. Items change on a regular basis, and it is not possible to maintain an accurate catalog of items offered.


How will I know when my order has been shipped? 

Once your order has been shipped, we will send you a shipping confirmation email letting you know that your order has been shipped. If your package was shipped using DHL or ARAMEX, you will be able to link to the  tracking system to check on your order using the tracking number provided in the shipping confirmation email.


Does the website carry everything your store carries?

The website offers select art from our store . We are always adding new arts to the website. If you are looking for a specific item and can't find it online , email us at:


What are the shipping costs?

Depending on shipping company chosen; it would be $35.00 using ARAMEX or $65.00 using DHL to any point in the world.


How soon does the painting arrive?

You can expect your painting to arrive within 6 working days from the date you place your order! If the painting takes longer to arrive it is probably because it is in customs.



If you have any other questions or if you need help in placing your order, e-mail us.


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